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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  January 29, 2013 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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howard jordan vowed to catch people who shot an 8-year-old girl in oakland yesterday. we brought you this story as breaking news at 5. the shooting happened at a relatives home. ktvu spoke with the girl's father. she is in good spirits. the bullet went through her leg. the family is from sacramento and plans to leave oakland as soon as the girl is able. the chief is vowing action. >> we will catch the shooter and we are coming after you with all resources possible. >> police have not released any suspect information at this point. they say it appears to be a gang related drive by shooting. >> san jose police announced the arrest of three men wanted in a series of violent robberies. investigators say james pammerson, miguel marez and ezra santana are behind
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robberies in san jose. in that incident a 73-year-old man and a 76-year-old woman were both tied up and left in a room while robbers stole their belongings and their two cars. police say the suspects were also involved in another robbery during which a victim was stabbed as well as two other violent incidents. >> the two additional robberies that occurred happened in east san jose. the victims were assaulted with a blunt object and property was taken from those two as well. >> the suspects are being held on charges including armed robbery, false imprisonment and assault with a deadly weapon. in pittsburgh police are searching for a man who shot and killed a man. police say the 20-year-old victim suffered a gunshot wound to his head and unfortunately died later at the hospital. officers fanned out searching for the gunman who was reportedly seen fleeing south
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side on railroad avenue in a vehicle. in the past hour police identified a person of interest in the case as 20-year-old brian fox. police say fox is considered armed and dangerous. they also say the victim was the intended target. >> bart is holding a public meeting to discuss the oversight of its professor. civilian oversight was created following shootings. a bart officer shot grant in 2009. organizers plan to explain how it works and what happens when someone files a complaint. the meeting is scheduled for 6:00. >> a house fire displaced a family of five this morning. firefighters were able to save the family dog. they responded to a call about smoke and a dog barking at a home. the owner was driving her three kids to school, her husband wasn't home at the time. firefighters were able to rescue a dog.
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it was shaken by what happened but authorities say he wasn't hurt. investigators say the fire started in the attic but the cause is still under investigation. damage is estimated at more than $100,000. brentwood police are asking for the public's help in identifying two people wanted in connection with a shooting. today they released these sketches resembling two of the suspects. four teens ages 13 to 16 were wounded in the shooting. one of the boys told us four men just pulled up and started asking questions about one of the teens nike shoes. one of them opened fire. anyone with information about the suspects is asked to call brentwood police. >> it is the official start to super bowl week. today is media day at the super dome in new orleans. ken wayne live in new orleans. you found much of the talk has little to do with football. >> reporter: we're live in the
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media center inside the new orleans convention center. the area behind me is radio row. this is where they do their interviews. there's a big giant open room where members of the press can come to file their super bowl stories. earlier today a lot of reporters, many reporters were inside the super dome to cover what of course is one of the biggest sporting events in the world. and when you get a lot of reporters together with amped up athletes, things can get a little weird. the star of the day colin kaepernick. good luck trying to get through to ask him a question. it was far easier to find alex smith to ask about his future. >> i'm under contract for two more seasons. i know a lot has been made of that. we'll have plenty of time to talk about that. >> reporter: it's easier to talk to a 49er most have never heard of. nathan just joined the team a few weeks ago and knows
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expectations are much lower. >> i'm on practice squad. i'll just be chilling on the sidelines. >> reporter: this is where you find so-called journal indianapolis dressed in fur hats or wearing capes. it's where an alabama beauty queen is getting her shot. it's where spanish language king plays court jester. >> my man, my brother from another mother. >> reporter: here at the super dome you meet some of the biggest names in broadcasting. right now we have one of those names. you've probably seen him before. rafael hernandez. >> here i am. >> reporter: wait a minute, alex smith is still talking. >> you move on. >> reporter: this, whatever it is is now huge in norway. >> the super bowl is becoming more popular. people are having super bowl parties. >> reporter: kickoff time for the super bowl in oslo is about 1:30 in the morning. instead of chips and dip you'll find pickled fish on the menu.
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the reason there's not a lot of people here right now is because the media party is just started about a block or so away. my assignment, go to that party and find out what's happening. live in new orleans, ken wayne, ktvu channel 2 news. we'll have that story at 10. >> the u.s. senate will hold its first gun violence hearing tomorrow since the massacre at that school in connecticut. the executive director of the nra will be one of the star witnesses. wayne l.a. pierre is an advocate for the second amendment. he'll be going to head with one of his tough test critics. >> he makes his claim that everybody is entitled to these weapons. my view is everybody is entitled to be safe. >> no government gave them to us and no government can ever take them away. >> in a prepared statement today lapierre said more gun
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laws won't do anything. >> today in sacramento lawmakers got a look at heavy duty weapons. ken pritchett reports live on efforts to keep those weapons out of the wrong hands. that's coming up at 6. police new hampshire are investigating the fatal stabbing. the vicious attack happened last night in littleton, new hampshire. 70-year-old catherine kitty houghton was stabbed and later died. a judge arraigned the suspect today. >> the u.s. embassy in cairo has suspended some operations as violent protests continue. the government is on the brink of collapse. at least 60 people have been killed. more than 100 injured since friday when protests began
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against the president and the muslim brotherhood. clashes between police intensified and continued into the night in cairo. the state department says the nearby u.s. embassy is closed because of the security situation. at least 60 bodies have been inning found on a river bank in syria. many of the bodies were found with hands tied behind their backs. the video is too graphic to show on the air. the head of the britain based observatory for human rights say it's not clear who was behind the killings, when they happened or who the dead were. >> investigators in brazil say a flare designed for door use is what sparked the fire. the fire broke out in a packed nightclub. today the lead police investigators say the band
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knowingly bought flares meant for outdoor use because they were much cheaper. also today forensic officials raised the death toll to 234 people. police say the investigation will likely take 20 days before prosecutors will determine whether to file charges. >> chevron's refinery construction permits may not be easy reading but they are revealing reading. still ahead. >> and back here in a couple minutes. we have the forecast. it involves significant warming in your neighborhood. which cities will get into the mid60s. back here in just a few. @ at ikea, we don't just design furniture. we design good mornings. little experiments. big ideas.
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brighter ways. and better tomorrows you can take home today. imagine if everyday was just a little bit better for everyone.
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tomorrow expected a issue a fine to chevron for a fire at its refinery. this has chevron attempts to bring its hobbled refinery back up to production. some of the trust issues people are raising to you, tom. >> reporter: they are.
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chevron's construction permits are further proof that this company wants this back in full production by march. others are saying not so fast. chevron has said the repair work is nearly done. >> what they have not done yet is demonstrated they rebuilt is safely. >> reporter: he says chevron has filed 20 construction permit requests. just one for the failed pipe and 19 others for damage not just from the fire but preexisting corrosion according to plant workers. >> the corrosion was so extensive that by their estimates in the worst case the pipes could have gone in two or three years before the next shut down. >> reporter: chevron cannot be trusted, he says. >> the company was running old equipment, past its safe life, while it was running increasingly higher sulfur,
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more and more corrosive. >> reporter: chevron did not return my call. the group wants a top to bottom review of the entire refinery. >> certainly the rest of the refinery may have corrosion that might be ready to have a pipe or unit burst or rupture and have a similar explosion. >> reporter: all that concerns an attorney who represents 10,000 richmond area residents affected by the fires toxins. >> it seems to me for the long run it'd be better to remain closed until you can correct all the pipes that are there so you don't have the potential for having spills in the future. >> reporter: now they will fine chevron some time tomorrow. probably about noon. . the maximum allowable under law, if it finds multiple
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violations then the fine could be bigger. tom vacar, ktvu channel 2 news. >> twinkies could soon be back on store shelves. reports indicate the final decision will be between cd metropolis and apollo global management. hostess declared it was selling off its various brands. hostess has picked separate lead bidders for some of its other brands. apple is introducing a new ipad with more memory and a bigger price tag. full size ipads with 128 gigabytes of memory will be available february 5th. that's the only upgrade from the fourth generation model. pricing for the new ipad starts at $799.
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it coincides with microsoft's introduction of the surface pro pack tablet. the rally continued on wall street today. the dow rose 72 points and pushed toward 14,000. the nasdaq was off less than a point. the s&p was up 7.5. >> a woman firefighters freed this morning is expected to survive. the commission between the pickup and a tow truck happened about 7:00 at the intersection of 9th and bran nonstreets. both vehicles went crashing into separate buildings. the drivers of both vehicles were treated at the scene. police are still investigating who was at fault. outraged workers will venture toward homeless encampments tomorrow. about 250 employees, volunteers and guides consulted maps to get a head count. it's a huge operation that will
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help the county qualify for more than $10 million in federal funds and provide services. the guides are being paid $10 an hour but they say they want to help. >> indirectly or directly i'll be helping myself in a way. i don't plan to be homeless for very long. as i am now i could be helping one of my friends. >> the group will head out again tomorrow morning to finish the count. they'll do a follow up survey next week to learn more. >> oakland school students and community activists rallied in washington, d.c. in hopes of preventing any more of the schools from closing. they were joined outside the department of education by civil rights advocates. they attended a public meeting with u.s. education secretary who says the closure of schools is hurting kids. >> neighborhoods are facing
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more problems. there's now no public elementary in the 94608 zip code. >> the group met with the education secretary for about three hours. the department of the education may not have the authority to stop local school districts from closing schools. >> around the bay area, a slight change from where we were yesterday. bill martin is here with a change we'll feel soon. >> as we go into the next few days temperatures will come up more significantly. we could see mid60s, even warmer than that. it'll feel like spring. look at the high pressure center. it sends the jet stream well over the top. the jet stream goes over the high. that's the direction around the high. you get a circulation. storms cannot really get through that. the storms are riding up to the north. that's where the weather is. we're not going to see any rain in the bay area forecast.
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not in the five day. here's how it looks. high clouds out there. radar spinning just because we can. we did have showers early this morning in parts of eastern california. that's all died down. we're heading for another day tomorrow like what we had today. kind of a cool start. kind of frosty. maybe patchy fog. nice daytime highs. you notice it now, 55 in hayward. it's warm. 59 in fairfield. coming up on february here. that's pretty warm. as we go into the next couple days, not 59 but 60s. temperatures into the mid60s. forecast overnight lows, 36 in santa rosa. chilly overnight. these numbers, you don't have to be at freezing to get frost. if you had frost this morning, you'll see a bit tomorrow morning. the next 48 hours or so, looking for more of the same. do we need rain? we always need rain.
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averages are doing okay. but every day we go without some rain, then we just, the percentages whittle away rapidly. we're not looking at rain for at least the next five days. we're looking at valley fog. the cool overnight lows. patchy valley fog. you can look for the fog there. fog up in the napa area. patchy, goes away quick. daytime highs tomorrow, noticeably warmer. fog in the morning and then warmer as we go. as we head into the bay area weekend, temperatures continue to stay on the warm, mild side. we'll talk about that. we have in the five day forecast, show you which day will be the warmest. >> dramatic pictures from china to share. what swallowed up one building and caused at least three ores to collapse. >> getting their fair share. the anniversary of two key laws that helped level the playing field in the workplace for
5:20 pm
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an entire three story building was swallowed up by a sink hole early this morning in china. that hole opened up near a subway construction site. no one was hurt. and about 300 residents nearby were evacuated. santa clara county
5:23 pm
prosecutors have dropped the most serious charge against a private contractor blamed in the 2008 summit fire. prosecutors made the move acknowledging they were not confident they could prove the felony reckless burning charge against the contractor. the lost guys to contractor faces r faces a misdemeanor. >> a judge in new orleans approve add plea deal in the case against bp. the $4 billion deal resolves 14 criminal charges against bp in the deaths of 11 workers. the the company says it paid more than $24 billion on other settlements. it also faces potential civil fight up to $121 billion. the court approval eliminates the need for a long trial.
5:24 pm
lawmakers and community leaders gathered to commemorate of anniversaries of two key labor laws. the anniversary of the equal pay legislation comes as labor rights activists celebrate the 20th anniversary of the family leave act. today lawmakers acknowledge the nation has come a long way but said there is still a lot left to do. >> we cannot be satisfied. so what do we want? we want pay equity as the norm and the paycheck fairness act as the law of the land. >> called on every state in the nation to follow california's lead to provide paid family leave. she said women should not make only 77 cents to every dollar men make. >> a large group of people came
5:25 pm
to this san jose church to hear the president's speech about immigration reform. >> big fan of ray lewis. intensity he plays the game with. the passion he plays with. >> are the feelings mutual? we'll have another super bowl live report from new orleans.
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the new immigration reform plan. some in the south bay hope this time they get the change they want. president obama was in las vegas where he said he would
5:28 pm
speak america's immigration system. >> this is the time to find a better way to welcome the striving, hopeful immigrants who still see america as the land of opportunity. right now we have 11 million undocumented immigrants in america. 11million who live their lives in the shadows. yes, they broke the rules. they crossed the border illegally. maybe they overstayed their visas. those are the facts. nobody disputes them. >> the proposals were spurred by the presidential election in which president obama received an overwhelming majority of latino votes. the results caused republican lawmakers to reconsider in order to rebuild the party's reputation among latinos. people organized watch parties to see what the president had
5:29 pm
to say about immigration reform. robert handa is live in san jose. you heard stories of fear and hope today. >> reporter: very emotional reactions. a community watch party was held inside this san jose church today before a very interested group of people who came to hear president obama address immigration reform. for many it was their future the president was talking about. the church was filled with people searching for hope. this time the words came from president obama who appealed for a change in laws to help undocumented immigrants get on what he termed the right side of the law. it was a call she had been waiting to hear. >> living like this is actually really hard. so it's like living in the shadow because you're living with fears. >> reporter: community groups as well as the service employees union applauded the president's speech. >> i think it went straight to the point. that is the fact that there is an urgent need to create a
5:30 pm
pathway to citizenship. >> reporter: others have more hope in reuniting with family members who were deported. >> it's difficult because i miss them. i used to live with them for about eight years. >> reporter: the group heard from the pastor of the church who was in las vegas for the president's speech. he urged the crowd to lobby lawmakers. >> i believe we need to put pressure on the house. >> reporter: congresswoman anna said the house is working on its own plan to follow the senate's version. >> what i welcome are the voices of bipartisanship in this. the country has waited a long time. >> reporter: and that wait included the president's first term. >> just remember four years ago we was giving us the same hope. i hope this time is the time. >> reporter: today's watch party is a series of community of meetings including one this friday. >> senator john kerry has been
5:31 pm
confirmed as the next secretary of state. the full senate approved president barack obama's nomination with a vote of 94-3. the vote came just hours after the foreign relations committee approved the nomination. he's a five term senator from massachusetts and has served on a foreign relations panel for 28 years. once sworn in he'll replace hillary clinton who is stepping down. >> an oakland woman has be arrested on charges she posed as a doctor and stole credit cards. investigators say 49-year-old yolanda smith pretended to be a doctor to get access to secure areas of hospitals. she stole credit cards belonging to hospital workers and made thousands of dollars in purchases. smith carried out the thefts at several hospitals. >> back now to new orleans and the countdown to the super
5:32 pm
bowl. today was media day. joe fonzi is there. you heard from players about how to stop colincaper nick. >> reporter: some rain has come through. there's kind of a warm and humid wind blowing. some of that really matters because the game will be played indoors. tuesday at the super bowl is media day. it's the chance for really the media and the entire country to descend on the players and get to know them better. they're trying to learn colin kaepernick better who is starting in just his tenth nfl start. he's probably the one guy in sunday's game toughest to account for in a game plan. will you see the colin kaepernick who burned the packers for 181 yards on the ground or the one who let his arm and rubbing backs do his talking in the game in atlanta.
5:33 pm
that's the challenge for the baltimore ravens. >> we have to know this guy can kill us with his arm or with his legs. so we have -- we can't get caught up in trying to do other peoples jobs. we have to allow our front seven. we have to allow them to deal with the run. we need to fill in where need be. >> guys have been scrambling running quarterbacks before. it's not a new breed. i'm sure kaepernick would say the same thing. he's a problem on the football field. he's a good quarterback. and a good athlete. good player. so he definitely poses a problem. >> i'm expecting them to come out and be very physical. that's who they are on defense. they're very smart. very experienced. they're going to do anything they can to stop us. >> reporter: the mid season switch from alex smith to colin kaepernick has been described as jim harbaugh's great gamble. they have a channel to make that gamble pay off making this
5:34 pm
the picture of the super bowl 47 champions. it is a pretty amazing asens. that means randy moss coming up at 6:00. >> we have a full team in new orleans. immediately following the super bowl switch over to us. you're going to see a live local post game show right here on ktvu channel 2. >> major league baseball is extremely disappointed about a newspaper report linking big names in baseball to steroids. the report checked records from a miami antiaging clinic. it found that melky cabrera,
5:35 pm
gio gonzalez, alex rodriguez and other players. gonzalez denies taking ped. colon and cabrera faced suspensions last season. it's a medical first for an american soldier. he sacrificed for our country. how innovative medicine is giving him new hope. >> it's a healthy food, but it's the number one culprit when it comes to food poisoning. dj
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turns out some of the healthiest foods are also the biggest culprits when it comes to food born illnesses. leafy greens accounted for the most illnesses. dairy products accounted for the most hospitalizations. and poultry is linked to the most deaths. health officials say the report is not meant to scare people away from the foods. food is getting safer overall and the report will be used to make it even safer. >> a soldier who lost all four limbs in a roadside bombing in iraq left a hospital today with two new arms. brendon morocco spoke today along with the surgeons who performed a double arm transplant surgery. he lost his limbs in 2009 when his military vehicle was struck
5:39 pm
by a roadside bomb. >> i've overcome so much in the last four years that i really honestly wasn't worried about the risks. there's worse case scenario if i lose the arms i go back to the way i was. it was worth it to go through with it. >> he is the first soldier to ever undergo this type of surgery and only the seventh in the united states. we continue to follow breaking news out of san francisco. police are searching a home in connection with the disappearance of kevin collins. rita williams just spoke to his mother. rita will tell us she is feeling. >> back here in 10 minutes. right to your city. how warm it's going to be tomorrow. it will be warmer. see you back here. look at you guys with your fancy-schmancy
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e e. in washington some lawmakers are considering testimony from doctors today about the nation's shortage of doctors and a flood of new patients coming their way. lawmakers are concerned about 30 million new patients entering the system as the new healthcare reform act continues to be implemented. and today a senate panel heard testimony from doctors on the shortage of primary care physicians and some possible solutions. one doctor said the problem often starts in med school because teachers advise students to become specialists. >> you're too intelligent, you're too smart to go into primary care. that culture is toxic and it's out there. we need to worry about it it.
5:43 pm
>> specialists often get paid twice as much as primary care physicians. one suggestion is a pay scale adjustment. lawmakers hope to come up with proposals. >> amazon is reporting fourth quarter profits. the profits fell 45% to $97 million. despite the loss, shares of amazon rose sharply. they were up almost $28. a twitter hoax caused a roller coaster of trading today for audience. the hoax tweet alleged the company was being investigated by the department of justice for fraud charges. seconds later shares of audience plunged more than 25%. you can see the drop here in this graph. nasdaq called to trading to investigate. by this afternoon the stocks recovered to close up. >> the air force has identified a fighter pilot who went missing on a practice mission
5:44 pm
out of italy as a man from northern california. u.s. and italian crews recovered debris from that f- 16. they're continuing their search for the captain as darkness fell today. he is from twain heart. he was flying as part of a four jet formation. he reported a problem with the aircraft before his last radio contact. wildlife experts need help to solve a coyote mystery. this adult coyote was picked up in the mission district. rescuers are trying to piece together how she got there. experts say it's not unusual to see a coyote in downtown by are puzzled by her behavior. she was disoriented and terrified. she is now at a wildlife center in san jose. experts hope someone may have seen something that could clue them in into how she got into the city and what may have
5:45 pm
happened to her. >> all around the bay area people are out and about making a point of enjoying this weather. according to our chief meteorologist bill martin later this week will want to be out and about. >> the weather is going to be real nice. no rain in the forecast. i told you that. the stories are going to be valley fog. in these temperatures during the day that are going to toggle up. the forecast highs for tomorrow are going to be slightly warmer than they were today. there's the satellite loop. these were the numbers from today. highs today warmer than yesterday by a degree or two. highs tomorrow are going to come up. it's not going to be in the 70s. temperatures will be in the 60s, upper 60s. if you go to monterrey, you might find a 69 or 70-degree reading. this is not going to be feeling like winter. it'll feel like spring or fall. the jet stream, a hue ridge of
5:46 pm
high pressure. it's starting to push down like that. this is such a big ridge. probably 3000 miles across. that will take a while to break down. the satellite radar spinning. shows nothing. along the coast, swells have come up. they're staying around 12-foot at bodega bay. swells are going to drop each day. because the weather is nice i suspect a lot of folks head to the beaches. giant waives, good sized surf. they're working their way downward. as we head into tomorrow then, more of the same. slightly warmer. the headline from is dry. we still have percents of average that are good. but i keep saying it, this time of year every day that it doesn't rain it gets whittled away. by the tile we get rain we could be down to 80% of average. that's not where you want to be. the end of january has been
5:47 pm
dry. the very end of january it stays dry as we go into february we are dry as well. computer model says nothing is happening. see hold up it's clear? that's high pressure. just by not seeing clouds, it means the air is sinking. we're forecasting warmer tomorrow. warmer again as we head into thursday, friday, cooler on stand. these are unusual temperatures for this time of year. no rain in the forecast. icy in the morning. frosty. mild and warm during the day. >> like that warm during the day. >> it'll be nice. enjoy it. >> millions of dollars in gold coins up for grabs. the auction just about to take place. also access for everyone. the expansion taking place to help certain people get around town a whole lot easier.
5:48 pm
5:49 pm
5:50 pm
the santa clara board of supervisors presented their state of the county address today. president ken yager says the board will work to improve healthcare. he wants to plan a gun buyback program. he also says the county needs to work to combat obesity. but he does -- but does the county have the money to do all of this? he says the budget is in good
5:51 pm
shape. >> the voters here in santa clara county approved a one eighth sales tax in november. that helps us. the academy economy is coming back. >> he hopes to lead the supervisors. >> the nonprofit care sharing organization is expanding adding three wheelchair accessible mini vans in to its fleet. the organization received a grant to purchase the additional vehicles. >> it has allowed people to get away at an affordable price. it has allowed people to go and do things with their families when they've never had the opportunity to do it. >> these new vans can hold up to two people using wheelchairs and up to three more passengers. they're available to city share members. animal college reporting a staggering number of bird deaths today. they say new research shows
5:52 pm
that cats kill between 1.4 and 3.7 billion birds a year even more small mammals. the estimates are much higher than previous estimates and could account for 15% of the total bird population. bird and cat lovers have clashed for years over outdoor cats being allowed to roam freely. >> part of a huge stash of gold coins in nevada will hit the auction block before a san rafel woman inherits the rest. 2700 gold coins were found at the home. substitute teacher of san rafel is his cousin and only known heir. a judge in nevada set february 26th as the auction date to sell enough coins to pay $800,000 in inheritance taxes. a day after vmware
5:53 pm
announced layoffs its stock sunk to one of its lowest levels. stocks fell nearly 22% to $77.14. just yesterday the software maker announced plans to cut nearly 900 jobs. it says it's part of a restructuring plan. >> home prices are spiking. the bay area saw one of the biggest increases. prices jumped 12.7% in november. that's the second biggest increase behind only phoenix. the index measures home prices in 20 cities. overall prices rose 5.5%. a break in a decades old cold case. we're live in san francisco where investigators have dug up a basement just one block from where a little boy went missing nearly 30 years ago. we'll have an update in two
5:54 pm
minutes. >> the hazing scandal costs a coaches job. now why he wants his job back. q hello? the words are going this way-there's no way. oh, the lights came on.
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good evening i'm julie haener. >> and i'm frank somerville. we begin tonight with developing news in san francisco where all eyes are on a house in the haight-ashbury tonight. investigators are working on the case of a san francisco boy who went missing nearly 30 years ago. in the last half hour a well placed police source has told us they do not believe bone fragments they found there are human. eric rasmussen is live outside the house. >> reporter: it is. they still have crime scene tape up around the area where they've been searching. to put this in perspective, we are just about a block away from the bus stop where kevin collins was last seen waiting for the bus all of those years ago. his mother says police have confirmed the activity out here involve his case. they still have crime scene tape around the house. investigators have been searching. this afternoon the county
5:57 pm
sheriffs office confirmed sfpd requested a cadaver dog. we saw some of the concrete. police nor the fbi are saying much of anything. on the phone today collins' mother ann said police did find something that is being sent to a state lab for testing. kevin collins disappeared on february 10, 1984 after leaving basketball practice a little early that night. his case made national news and was one of the first high profile missing children cases in san francisco. collins' face was all over fliers and milk cartons in those days before amber alerts and the internet. we had a chance to talk to neighbors today. one neighbor told me when her husband went down to ask about why police were out here searching this area the name kevin collins was already on her mind. tonight we are hearing again from his mother. police confirming that their search here today did involve
5:58 pm
his case. exactly what they found is still unclear. we expect to be gathering details all night as we continue to stay on this story. as soon as we get new information we'll bring it to you. we're live in san francisco, eric rasmussen, ktvu channel 2 news. >> rita williams has been covering this story ever since kevin collins first went missing in 1984. rita just spoke with kevin's mother about the development and the unexpected phone call she got yesterday. >> reporter: frank, that's true. i did talk to ann collins just a few minutes ago. she told me that understandably she's numb with this latest development. quote, she said i don't know what to think. it's certainly not the first time her hopes have been raised. kevin collins was just 10 years old february 10, 1984, when he left basketball practice
5:59 pm
earlier and disappeared without a trace. >> i've always felt likeall these tears and if i start crying i'll never stop. >> reporter: that was when kevin's mother talked to me a decade ago, 20 years after she became a part of an exclusionive club no one wants to join. parents of missing children. kevin collins was her sixth born child out of eight. >> this is the very last picture taken of him. this is on his birthday the year he disappeared. >> reporter: this is the original photograph of that haunting picture of kevin on all the posters. he was at the blackboard in a class for dyslexic children when a photographer called his name. the day before he disappeared his father says kevin was so proud because he'd made his first a on a spelling test. >> he was really on a high note when it happened, that's what i remember the most. >> reporteo


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